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Seek My Face

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

I remember a few years back coming to a fork in the road. I had some choices to make, and ultimately I wanted the Lord's will to be done. I was stuck. I was confused. I was scared to make any sudden moves without His permission.

I remember for days praying and crying and BEGGING God to make things clear for me. I didn't want to mess up His plans for my life, and yet I was so confused by what life was throwing at me. I needed answers! My future was at stake!

Surely God would see my dilemma and send me an answer ASAP!

Then after a few days, I received my answer.

The Lord said, "Don't seek answers to your questions - seek My face".

Umm what?

I thought I was seeking Him and seeking His face by wanting HIS direction and will for my life. Yet God didn't see my urgent request as that urgent. He wanted to take care of things in His timing, but in the midst of the process, He wanted my heart.

Did I seek God only to get some answers to this confusing life, or did I seek Him because I wanted to know to truly know His heart? Did I love Him, or just what He could do for me?

I was worried about what tomorrow would bring, but if I had just chased after His heart, He would provide for me, and make things clear in (His) due time.

Which by the way, He did make everything clear! I forgot how urgent those questions had been, once I started to seek Him and Him alone.

"Seek first the kingdom, and all these things will be provided for you" (Matthew 6:3)

"My heart says this about you: 'Seek His face'.

Lord, I will seek Your face". (Psalm 27:8)

What are you seeking answers to right now? What is the dilemma in your life?

Christ is gently reminding you, "Seek My face".

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